Nutrition Services I Provide:

I offer several kinds of nutrition services.

Nutrition Counseling

Includes a comprehensive health questionnaire, health history and food journal evaluations. Tailored to help you meet your goals-whatever those goals are.

Individualized Nutritional Therapy

Includes the above and a full physical evaluation called a functional evaluation. Using neuro-vascular and neuro-lymphatic points on the body to determine which organs and systems are in stress.

Fertility Enhancement & Pregnancy Preparation


Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, & Postpartum Support 

I offer nutrition counseling or therapy specifically for your needs. I also off the Feed Your Fertile/Pregnant Body programs. These are a 6-module support program. They can be done either as a group support program or a self-study program. In addition, I offer nutrition classes at various locations on various topics related to fertility and pregnancy. See my Blog or my Facebook Page for current classes.

Nutrition Supplements

Currently offering Biotics brand supplements although I often recommend products you can buy at local health stores.

Food Sensitivity and Leaky Gut Testing

FIT test and Zonulin Test by KBMO Diagnostics

Food Sensitivity Test Nutrition Services

Sample Results for Food Sensitivity Test