FIT (Food Inflammation Test) for Food Sensitivities

Food Sensitivity Test

Sample Results for Food Sensitivity Test

  • Detects both IgG antibody and immune complexes simultaneously which is why this test is more sensitive than others that only measure IgG.
  • The results come with an individualized 7-day meal plan based on your FIT test results.
  • There is an App which is showing your results and meal plan so you can have the information with you everywhere you go.
  • Choose from:
    • FIT 176 – The top 176 foods, spices, and additives that trigger inflammation
    • FIT 132 – The top 132 foods, spices, and additives that trigger inflammation
    • FIT 22 – The top 22 foods that are very common triggers
  • For more information, FIT Testing.

Leaky Gut TestingLeaky Gut

  • Zonulin Test, usually done at the same the time as the FIT.
  • Zonulin is a protein produced by the cells of the intestine and liver. It tells the intestinal cells to move apart which then allows food particles and microbes to get into the blood and lymph systems. Hence the term leaky gut.
  • If you have high levels of Zonulin in your blood, then you have leaky gut.
  • Leaky gut is implicated in Crohn’s disease, Type 1 Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Asthma, IBS, and more.
  • Leaky gut also leads to food sensitivities as food particles get into the blood stream and trigger an immune reaction.
  • A retest of the FIT and Zonulin is usually done after 3-6 months to see if there has been improvement in the leaky gut.
  • You can read more about the Zonulin test here.

Food Sensitivities


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Aly 17 yrs old

Aly is a 17 year old female who is active in sports and outdoor activities with no known allergies. Aly started developing chronic, cystic acne, which got progressively worse over a 2 year period. She sought out a dermatologist, but after being prescribed several topical acne creams, Aly was still suffering from cystic acne. Aly was ready to begin the use of the acne medication, Accutane, but opted to try the FIT (Food Intolerance Test). The FIT is a food intolerance test that measures the level of inflammation a food causes within your body. Aly was required to follow a specific diet that eliminated the foods shown in her FIT report. It was discovered that milk triggered a severe inflammation for Aly, and her acne flared every time she consumed milk based products. Although Aly enjoys ice cream, she has decided that clear skin is more important. The FIT helped Aly uncover the source of her chronic acne and develop a plan to heal.

22 yr old Male

This patient is a 22 year old male who is active in school, does not take medication and has no know allergies or past medical history. Patient experienced patches of Vitiligo for over 6 years. The long-term skin condition continued to worsen over a span of months. Patient had noticeable patches of Vitiligo that were visible during his college graduation ceremony. The patient’s mother, who is a dermatologist, cried uncontrollably at the appearance of his skin. The patient was tested with the FIT (Food Intolerance Test). The FIT is a food intolerance test that measures the level of inflammation a food causes within your body. The patient followed a diet that eliminated foods shown on the FIT report. The patient’s skin began healing and the Vitiligo became unnoticeable.

7 yr old girl

7 year female old with history of post nasal drip and constant coughing. After 1 month after eliminating the 11 foods to which she was sensitive, her coughing had greatly subsided.

20 month old baby

20 month old baby who had hives daily even though she was periodically on prednisone and took Benadryl daily. Her mother had tried eliminating what she thought were offending foods but the child still had hives daily. After the food sensitivity testing, her mother knew which foods to avoid. With avoidance of these and gut repair, the child now only develops hives if she comes in contact with an offending agent.


I started having panic attacks when I was 16 yrs old. I always had some anxiety as long as I can remember, but now I started full-blown panic attacks. I tried various supplements and diet changes but nothing seemed to help. I finally did a FIT test and eliminated the foods I showed a high sensitivity to. My anxiety improved greatly and I have much fewer panic attacks now.

Lisa M

Nevada City, CA

My husband presented with stroke-like symptoms that led him to an ER visit. He was then referred to a neurologist and after an MRI was told he was experiencing atypical migraines. The doctor told him the more he experienced migraines, the easier it would be to get one so stopping one from coming on was important. He was prescribed 800mg of ibuprofen and then Imitrex if it progressed. When a migraine hit him, the Imitrex did little to stop it and he would be in a dark room unable to function for the entire day. My husband consulted with Dr. Rostollan for reasons unrelated to migraines. However, we mentioned he suffered from migraines and Dr. Rostollan recommended a food allergy test. My husband agreed to the test but I wasn't sure if he would eliminate any offending foods. His results were highly reactive to eggs and gluten. My husband was eating 4-6 eggs daily for a quick protein meal as he is a powerlifter and eats a lot of protein. I knew it was going to be difficult for him to make the changes but he did. It has now been 2 years and no migraines, no Imitrex. He still gets headaches but rarely and ibuprofen is enough to stop it. He cheats 1-2 times per month now and I can see some other reactions to eggs and gluten but it's not severe enough for him to be 100% compliant. We are grateful Dr. Rostollan recommended the testing because now he no longer has to suffer from migraines and he has less backaches as well.