Improving Fertility Classes and pregnancy preparation classes

I offer two types of fertility classes/pregnancy preparation classes.

  1. I am a certified instructor of Feed Your Fertile BodyTM classes. You can read more about it below. It is a 6 module course that can be taught one of two ways:
    1. It is designed to be taught as a group support class that meets weekly. See my Facebook page or Blog for the next start date.
    2. It can be done as a self-study course. This would include weekly 30 minute phone calls to go over what you have learned.
  2. Group fertility classes or pregnancy preparation classes that I teach around town. Again, see my Facebook page or Blog for dates and topics. I would also love to put together a class for your group focused on a topic you pick. They could be one of the following or one you choose.
    • Top 5 foods for fertility
    • Balancing female hormones
    • Balancing male hormones
    • Increasing libido
    • Inflammation and how it affects fertility
    • Fats and fertility
    • Stress and how it affects fertility
    • PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and blood sugar regulation

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Feed Your Fertile Body! TM

Who is the fertility program for?

  • People who are planning their first child
  • Those who are welcoming another child into their family
  • People who are struggling to conceive

What does the fertility program consist of?

  • Six support meetings (1 ½ hours each) during which I guide you through the workbook and provide support during each step of the program
  • A workbook which includes:
    • Resources for home and body care
    • Information on GMOs
    • Further reading suggestions
    • Fertility-supporting food chart for your refrigerator
    • Meal planning templates
    • A cookbook
    • And more
  • Two 30 minute individual consultations-one for you and one for your partner (A healthy pregnancy depends on having both a healthy mother and father.)

What is covered in the fertility program?

  1. Best kept secrets about fats and fertility
  2. Sugar, not such a sweet deal after all
  3. Basic techniques of proper food preparation
  4. Boost fertility by decreasing inflammation
  5. Improving protein digestion and mineral absorption
  6. Gut reactions: how our intestinal microbiota affects us, generation after generation

Learn more about the fertility program here.