For clients wanting individualized nutrition help specific to their needs and health concerns

Why Functional Nutrition Therapy?

Conventional medicine is great for acute care but it usually fails when it comes to chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, low thyroid, digestive problems, and so on. When I have a broken bone or a heart attack, I want to see an conventional doctor. But when I have a chronic illness or just don’t feel good, I want to work with a practitioner who understands how to help a person find the root cause of their problems. I want someone who can help me find the answers to my problems-not just prescribe me a pill and then watch as my body continues to fail.

This is where Nutrition Therapy comes in.

What is Individualized Functional Nutrition Therapy?

Individualized means you will receive nutrition therapy that is specifically for you and your health issues, not just general nutrition guidelines. This includes a functional physical evaluation. (For distance clients, I offer nutritional counseling.)

Nutritional Therapy is an opportunity to dig down into the root causes of the symptoms you are experiencing. We then start unraveling and repairing the issues that have led to your symptoms.

What happens during a Functional Nutrition Therapy Visit?

Nutritional Therapy begins with an initial consultation that takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes. You can see my fees here.

  • Before your first visit I will email you an invitation to take an online symptom questionnaire. It will tell me  what symptoms you are experiencing and which body systems are out-of-balance.

Nutrition Questionnaire Graph

  • During your first visit I will ask you questions to elicit a full health history from you.
  • We will also discuss your current health status and your lifestyle.
  • Optional: a review of a 3-day food journal and symptom journal (which you will bring with you).
  • We will talk about which nutritional approaches feel most comfortable to you: food, supplements, herbs, essential oils.
  • Based on your goals and concerns, we will talk about changes you will want to start making. I always ask clients to add foods first before cutting back. The first change is always to add high quality fats, like butter and olive oil. There is no one diet that is right for everyone, but there is a diet that is right for you. I understand that change is a process and we can go as slow or as fast as you like. I will always offer several options for you to choose from.

On your first follow-up visit:

  • We will talk about changes you have made and if you have noticed any differnces.
  • I will perform a functional nutritional evaluation to determine your body’s physiological status. This evaluation will include a series of palpations on various parts of your body and other assessments such as your pulse rate, blood pressure, and pH of your saliva.
    • This is when you will receive your individualized nutritional protocol. It will be specific to you and what your body needs, not just a cookie cutter plan.

Subsequent visits:

  • On subsequent visits I will redo various parts of the functional assessment to see if there have been any changes.
  • We will continue to review and refine your protocols.
  • I may recommend you see specialists or have some lab testing done.

I understand that life is busy and making changes can seem overwhelming. We will work together to decide what changes you want to make. I want you to be successful so that you can see real improvements in your health.

Together we can help you to Discover a Healthier You.

Bethany Haskett

My son and I have been working with Kimberly for many months now. My son, specifically, has been going for help with his asthma and the complications that have arisen from it. Each visit is very helpful, as well as educational. Kimberly takes the time to really get to know you and your needs, making sure you are not only comfortable with the procedures, but with her recommendations as well. She also communicates in between appointments to see how things may be improving, or if anything needs to be altered. She is open-minded, knowledgeable, personable, kind, and interested in us as people, not just as patients. I highly recommend Kimberly's services as a Nutritional Therapist.