Professional Grade Nutrition Supplements

Why Professional Grade Supplements? What is the difference between them and what I can get at the store?

There are several differences between supplements from box stores and well-made, high quality supplements that are therapeutic in nature.

  1. Supplements fall along a spectrum that goes from chemically-based (petroleum-based) to naturally-based. By naturally-based I mean that the nutrients come from fruits, vegetables, herbs, animals, or mineral sources.
  2. Most naturally-based supplements will come with the transporters and co-factors necessary for your body to recognize and utilize the nutrients. If you examined a carrot, the vitamins and minerals in it are rich and varied and act synergistically together. Taking beta-carotene by itself is a very poor substitute for taking a supplement that comes with many co-factors that help your body utilize beta-carotene more fully. Our bodies were designed to live and be healthy with the whole food, not isolated vitamins.
  3. Naturally-based, whole-foods vitamins are a complex that is useful just as it is. When you take synthetically-based vitamins your body will attempt to turn them into the complex it needs and rob your body of various minerals and cofactors. You may end up with an overall deficiency.
  4. Professional Grade Supplements are usually of a therapeutic quality meaning that they are more concentrated so you can take fewer of them to achieve the same results.

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