New Year's Rosolutions

A Better Approach to This Year’s Resolutions

Let’s make this year different than any before!

I’m suggesting we skip the lofty New Year’s resolution that often leaves us deprived and unhappy and trade it in for living an intentional and mindful year that prioritizes self-care.

While self-care has become quite the trendy term, it simply boils down to prioritizing one’s own physical and mental health. It requires turning inward to uncover the things that bring happiness and joy, and ensuring we do more of those things!

So this year, instead of creating a rigid list of foods or activities you’re swearing off, consider creating a list you can draw upon whenever you’d like to revitalize your commitment to self-love and self-care.

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Four Rs of Healing

Replenish, Reduce, Repair, Rebalance



Replenish nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. Most folks have not eaten a diet that is anywhere close to what our ancestors ate. Foods like liver, kidney, bone broths, and lots of leafy greens or tubers are chock full of nutrients our body needs. How can we expect our body to repair and renew itself each day when we are eating a bowl of cereal and McDonald’s burgers and fries? When you compare that to what our ancestors ate, we are slowly starving our bodies of what they need to function.

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Keto for Diabetes

Is a Keto Diet Best for Lowering Blood Sugar?

ADA Diet Guidelines for 2020

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has released is new guidelines for 2020. In section 5, titled Facilitating Behavior Change, under the heading Eating Patterns, Macronutrient Distribution, and Meal Planning they state the following:

Reducing overall carbohydrate intake for individuals with diabetes has demonstrated the most evidence for improving glycemia and may be applied in a variety of eating patterns that meet individual needs and preferences.

What does it mean then?

Eating a lower carb diet improves blood sugars better than any other diets they have looked at so far. And it can be done by people who are vegans, vegetarians, carnivores, etc.

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South in a Pot Soup from Taste of Home

This is perfect for these cold winter days.

I found this in Taste of Home magazine a few years ago. While I don’t find many of their recipes fit my family’s needs, I do find a winner once in a while.

However, skip the canola oil. Use lard, butter, coconut oil, or beef tallow instead.

The sweet potato in this recipe gives it a wonderful flavor.

You can use other greens besides collards. I often use chard or kale that I have grown in my garden and frozen.

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Increasing IVF Success Rates

Increasing IVF Success Rates

Can you increase IVF and other ART success rates using nutrition?

Probably! There have been many research studies done on how nutrition and nutrients affect fertility overall, fertility treatments, egg health, sperm health, and reproductive success. While there is no one large study specifically about nutrition and ART (Assisted Reproductive Treatment) success, there are many studies about various aspects of fertility, ART, and nutrition. You will find I have referenced several of them throughout the article.

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Nutrition to Improve Success Rates of Fertility Treatments

Can You Improve Your IVF & Fertility Treatment Success Rates?

Check out the article I wrote for the Feed Your Fertile Body blog. It goes over the scientific research for how various nutrients can improve your fertility. While there are no direct research projects about this, there are many that have shown how nutrients affect egg and sperm health and hormone health. Read more to find out how you can improve your IVF success rate.

Nutritional strategies that improve the effectiveness of fertility treatments

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Contact me for a free 20 minute Discovery Call to discuss your situation.

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Free Health Fair-See New DNA Test for Fitness and Weight Loss

Free Health Fair

Want to know if you can lose weight with exercise (or do you need to focus on foods)? How about if your muscles are made from endurance or strength? Come see me at my booth at the Free Health Fair this Saturday, March 9th, at Apple Athletic. It runs from 9:30am to 12pm.

I have posted one page of the DNA report that shows you information about fitness and health.

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Postpartum Depression

Struggling with postpartum depression?


Worried about getting postpartum depression?

Every woman has heard horror stories about postpartum depression. Many women have experienced it and never want to again.

Understanding it and recognizing the symptoms can help but ultimately we want to avoid it altogether or have some tools to help alleviate the symptoms.

Come join me for a free class where we are going to discuss:

  • Causes of postpartum depression
  • Using nutrition to help you to avoid or alleviate symptoms
  • Other things you can do to improve postpartum depression

LOCATION: Idaho Falls Yoga Co-op

ADDRESS: 740 W Broadway, Idaho Falls

DATE: Saturday, June 23rd

TIME: 1pm-2pm